Meet CoinTippy

CoinTippy is a multi-crypto tip bot helping you reward content on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and Telegram.

CoinTippy supports various cryptocurrencies







Unlimited Tips

Send however many tips you want, no limits.
No minimums, no maximums.

Zero Fees

There are absolutely zero fees for using CoinTippy. 100% of the amount you tip goes to the receiver.

No Restrictions

Send tips to whomever, wherever.
We support all countries and all people.


CoinTippy is built on top of CoinMall.
Your tips are stored securely.

How does CoinTippy work?

CoinTippy works by sending various commands.
Ever run into any trouble? Send a DM with the command 'help'

Step 1: Deposit Funds

To deposit funds to your CoinTippy account, simply send a DM to CoinTippy with the command 'deposit X' where X is either BTC, LTC, DASH or ZEC. You will then receive a reply with a deposit address which is valid for 72 hours.

You can use LN network by sending number of satoshis after currency, e.g. "Deposit BTC 1000" to deposit 1000 sat.

Step 2: Tip Someone

Now that you have deposited funds, you're ready to tip! To do so, mention CoinTippy in a comment/reply (twitter: @cointippy, reddit: u/cointippy, twitch:cointippy, telegram:cointippy_bot) like so: @cointippy [amount you want to send] [crypto you want to send]

Twitch users can invite bot to other channels by sending "@cointippy Join [channel]" private message.

Step 3: Withdraw Tips

Received a tip and want to withdraw it? DM CoinTippy with the command 'withdraw [amount you want to withdraw] [crypto you want to withdraw] [coinmall username]. Please note: For withdrawals, you'll need to create an account on

You can create account by sending this command: Register [username] [[email protected]] [PIN]

Step 4: Spend & Configure Tips

Once your withdrawal has been sent to your account, you can instantly purchase any digital product from various vendors. Alternatively you can withdraw your funds to an off-site wallet through the wallet page.

You can also configure CoinTippy alerts on

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